What are the benefits of Mulberry leaf tea?

_2069739_origMulberry trees are normally grown for the fruit than their leaves. The fruit contain a rich taste and are same to the look of raspberries. However, mulberry leaf tea is prepared from the dried leaves, sometime with dried mulberries also to add flavor to the tea. This tea has been used long in conventional Chinese medicine like a help for diabetes and this tea is naturally high in antioxidants.

Control blood sugar levels:
Mulberry leaf tea has been availed like an herbal control for the disease of diabetes. The American book of Chinese medicine posted a study that sees that the leaf extract of mulberry assisted with the action of glucose. The animal test noted that availing the mulberry extract allowed to raise absorption of glucose through fat cells from the rats that has diabetes. Scientists offered this effect to the presence of antioxidants called as gallic acid. Drinking mulberry leaf tea offer the similar glucose level as well as reduce the effects.

Reduce cholesterol levels:

A book of agricultural and food chemistry said that mulberry tea may lower the danger of atherosclerosis. Due to the reason of rich flavonoid and polyphenol material, are natural antioxidant, mulberry extract assisted reduce risky cholesterol levels and enhanced blood vessel performance in rabbits? Because of the chemicals immense in water, it is probably tea has the similar helpful compounds. However, the effectiveness is controlling the levels of cholesterol in people needs more research.
Vitamin C:
Mulberry fruit is rich in vitamin C in natural, having 51 mg one cup of raw fruit. It has 2.7 mg of vitamin C for five fruits and the dried fruit is certain times included to the tea to make flavor in the tea. The leaves of mulberry has certain amount of vitamin C. Based on the study, several types of mulberry leaves had different level of vitamin C but all varieties had this important vitamin. More over to being an important, water-soluble vitamin, C vitamin is a natural antioxidant; reduce down the aging action that can arrive from the exposure to free radical and toxins. Vitamin C helps the immune systems and helps with the collagen production, that is important for healthy skin, hair and

Mulberry tea preparation:
The tea can be brewed same like oolong or green teas and the tea leaves can be availed several times. Avail half spoon of leaves for each eight-ounce cup. Mix the tea leaves with eight ounces of boiling water and allow it steep for about eight minutes. If you want to reuse the leaves, make the brewing time for two times for every successive cup prepared. One serving of leaves can be reused about three times.

Choosing mulberries:
When buying mulberries, ensure their size and color, they have to be full in size. Consider ripe mulberries. Mulberry leaves has antioxidant properties, make use of mulberry leaves to prepare tea. Soak the leaves in a boiling water for about ten minutes and take it as tea. The antioxidants from the leaves may assist youthful, fresh looking skin. Mulberry leaves, fruits all has good properties and offers good results to the user.