The Key Benefits of Jiaogulan Tea for Weight Loss

Jiaogulan falls in the category of vines. In fact, it is a climbing vine commonly found in China, Korea and Japan. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family of plants. Therefore, it is related to cucumber, watermelon, pumpkin, and other gourds and melons. According to studies and research, there are numerous health benefits of drinking Jiaogulan tea. Most healthcare experts recommend Jiaogulan tea for weight loss.

Studies report there are no drug interactions or toxicity. However, when you exceed the recommended dosage, you may experience mild nausea. In addition to this, you should not consume Jiaogulan tea during breastfeeding and pregnancy. In this post, we have discussed the key benefits of drinking Jiaogulan tea.

 Why Should You Use Jiaogulan Tea for Weight Loss?
This weight loss supplement is completely natural and safe. Once you buy Jiaogulan tea and start using this supplement, you will experience positive results quickly. This weight loss supplement effectively boosts your body’s metabolic rate. Thus, your body starts burning fat much faster. When you have a healthy metabolism, your body will burn more fat than it stores. This will help you lose weight quickly.

 Jiaogulan tea can also help you maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels. Thus, it reduces your blood pressure and helps you relieve stress and hypertension. This prevents emotional eaters from consuming more calories. This weight loss supplement also efficiently manages the release of thyroid levels in your body. Unhealthy thyroid release in your body can easily lead to obesity, especially in women.

In the same way, Jiaogulan tea also helps in maintaining your blood sugar level. Needless to say, deposit of excess blood sugar in your body makes you gain a lot of weight. This supplement also acts as an antioxidant and improves the condition of your digestive system.

Moreover, it contains many essential minerals and nutrients including magnesium, Vitamin B, copper, Vitamin D, potassium, folic acid, niacin and many more. Every ingredient in this supplement is completely natural. Once you buy Jiaogulan tea for weight loss and start using it, you will see a significant improvement in your overall health within a few weeks.

Adaptogenic Benefits
Besides weight loss, people also use this exceptional supplement for many other important benefits. This plant has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. It’s worth mentioning that the plant is locally known as Southern Ginseng and Herb of Immortality.

According to experts, these names stem from the Guizhou province. In this region, people have a very long lifespan. Jiaogulan tea is considered the primary reason for their long lives. In Southern China, the Jiaogulan tea is being consumed as a Qi restorative substance since the 15th century. This excellent supplement has been discovered by the Western countries recently.

According to reputed herbalists, Jiaogulan is classified as an effective adaptogen. This term is used to describe a herb that helps your body resist the ill effects of stress. Adaptogen herbs can promote homeostasis. In simple terms, this means they can help your body to achieve a state of balance. They regulate multiple internal processes.

It is worth mentioning that adaptogen herbs, such as Jiaogulan, address both deficiency and excessive output in some body systems. They have a major positive impact on the endocrine system and the immune system.

Antioxidant Properties
Jiaogulan tea contains several chemical compounds, which work together in the form of gypenosides. According to numerous reputed healthcare experts, gypenosides enhance the basic functioning of phagocytes. These specialized white blood cells digest your cellular waste products and pathogens. These compounds also work effectively in the endothelium, which is the layer of cells lining the blood vessels.

According to researchers working at the Tangdu Hospital in China, Jiaogulan gypenosides can offer good protection from oxidative stress in your brain. Therefore, it protects you from various health problems, such as Parkinson’s disease. A couple of years ago, a study was published in the Journal of International Medical Research reporting that Jiaogulan tea can make the area of the brain impacted by the Parkinson’s disease stronger.

It is worth mentioning that the studies are still in the preliminary stages, and further research is required. However, many healthcare experts believe that the results from these studies will be positive. There is no doubt that the antioxidant properties of Jiaogulan tea still protect you against many health disorders.

 Cholesterol Management
According to many authoritative websites and journals, animal based studies in the 1980s and 90s showed that Jiaogulan can effectively lower cholesterol. For instance, quail and rats given a strong tea, combined with Jiaogulan, Japanese Hawthorn and Sacred Lotus, showed a significant reduction in total cholesterol levels. The combination also lowered triglyceride levels. In face, similar results were seen in numerous studies where rats were given high quality liquid standardized extracts.

As per the information provided by preliminary studies, researchers working at the University of Sydney aimed to investigate the positive effects of Jiaogulan Gypenosides on rats with induced hyperlipidemia. A few years ago, healthcare experts started believing that Jiaogulan tea was perfect to lower cholesterol levels.

Are There Any Side Effects?
As you must have read in numerous Jiaogulan tea reviews on the Internet, this weight loss supplement is completely natural and safe. This product has been approved by FDA. Being natural, it does not have any harmful side effects. There are also many studies and research backing the claims made by this supplement. It not only provides effective weight loss results, but also ensures that your overall health improves. It can be easily bought online. However, it is important to buy from a reputed seller.

Before you purchase this product online, it’s important to conduct a good research. It makes sure you’re able to choose a reputed and experienced seller. You need to find someone who sells only authentic products at reasonable prices. It’s important to go through some reviews and testimonials about the seller, and conduct a thorough background check. There are many sellers who even offer solid money back guarantees and refund policies to make sure you don’t have to risk your money. You should always choose a reputed seller.  We recommend –