Siddha Medicinal Herbs: Medicinal Benefits of Karisalankanni

Herbs undoubtedly are gifts of nature.  People until a few hundred years ago were treated with herbs for all ailments that afflicted them.  They absorbed all the benefits of a herbal concoction and regained their lost health.  Through various flushes, their immune system was strengthened which in turn eradicated the disease symptoms and restored good health.  The present day scenario is a complete contrast.  We are treated with chemicals for our symptoms.  The root cause of a disease is not taken into account in most cases.  Mindless use of chemicals in all spheres of life, stress etc has forced people to live with diseases.  The sedentary lifestyle, junk food and the like worsen the disease scenario.

But all is not lost say the Siddhas of yesteryears.  There is still hope and herbs can still clean up the mess created by humankind.  Herbs are still capable of cleaning our bodies of the toxins.  One such herb that has very powerful medicinal and cleansing properties is karisalankanni.  It is regarded as a kayakalpa herb.  Siddha saints have praised the herb for its medicinal properties in the Siddha texts hundreds of years ago.

There are a few variants in the herb based on the color of the flower.  Yellow or manjal karisalankanni is deemed the best in terms of its medicinal value.  White karisalankanni is found almost everywhere.  There are also blue, and red flower varieties.

Recent studies have shown that the herb possesses excellent hepato-protective properties.  The herb can strengthen the liver, increase production of bile, reduce inflammation etc.  The herb taken along with kizhanelli, another powerful herb, can cure jaundice in a matter of days.  It is also an excellent remedy for fatty liver. It is an excellent liver cleanser.  It helps regain appetite and in some cases cure hemorrhoids.

This is an excellent herb for women.  Women suffering from menstrual problems make use of this helpful herb to normalize their irregular periods.  The herb takes care of excessive bleeding.

 Karisalankanni arrests hair loss and helps luscious hair growth.  Bhringraj is a famous Ayurvedic hair oil prepared using the karisalankanni herb. Regular application of this oil is found to help shiny, luscious and dark hair growth.  The leaves of the karisalankanni are dried in shade, powdered to a fine consistency, and added to boiling coconut oil.  The oil is then allowed to cool and stored in a bottle in a cool dry place.  Application of this oil on a regular basis helps arrest hair fall and aid hair growth.

The juice obtained from the fresh leaves of karisalankanni herb is useful in treating cough and phlegm in chest.  Sesame oil and karisalankanni juice are added in equal quantities, boiled and allowed to cool.  5-10ml of this remedy is taken once a day for a week or two as needed.   It also aids in losing weight.  It slows down ageing and promotes good health.


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