Siddha Home Remedies: Medicinal Uses of Ladies Finger Flower

Ladies finger flower has more medicinal value than the plain ladies finger vegetable. Ladies finger is helpful in bringing sugar levels under control in a diabetic patient. For this purpose 10 numbers of ladies finger along with 20 numbers of cluster beans and 10 numbers of small onions (sambar onions) are cut to small pieces. Eight glasses of water is added to these and boiled. Reduce it to 2 glasses. Take one glass of this preparation in the mornings and evenings. Regular intake for two to three days will bring the sugar to manageable levels.
Now for the medicinal uses of ladies finger flowers.
Consumption of raw flower is said to strengthen the nerves.
In case of gas in stomach, the flower is taken with jaggery.
Saute the ladies finger flowers in sesame oil and apply the oil on grazes and cuts. This will cure them very rapidly.
The flower is ground with Turkey berry to a fine paste. It is added to rice along with a little ghee. This is an excellent natural deworming remedy. It helps in elimination of worms through feces.
Soak a couple of flowers in virgin coconut oil the previous night. Apply it on scalp and body the next day morning and let it soak for 30 minutes. Follow it up with a warm water bath. This helps in improving and maintaining good skin texture.
The flowers are ground to a fine paste and added to tomato juice. This is an excellent remedy to cool the body in hot summer.
Ladies finger flowers are ground along with palm jaggery and taken in small marble size. This is said to strengthen the body and muscles.

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