Siddha Home Remedies: Medicinal Use of Plantain flower

Plantain is the third of the ‘mukkanis’ of Tamil Nadu, the other two fruits being mango and jackfruit. Plantain fruit or banana flower is the main ingredient of some of the tastiest dishes of Tamil Nadu. The whole plantain tree has medicinal properties. The plantain pith is an excellent detoxifier. People with burns are made to lie on big plantain leaves. Food served in banana leaves has a distinct flavor. Bananas taste good as well help in preventing constipation. People in South India take couple of plantains after food to aid easy digestion as well as elimination.

Some of the medicinal preparations as well as benefits of plantain flower are given below.

Plantain flower is generally cool in nature. Cooked pulse and plantain flower are ground to a coarse paste and taken with rice. This helps to cure stomach ulcers.

Drinking plantain flower soup mixed with cumin seed powder can cure inflammation of eyes.

Regular intake of dishes made of plantain flowers help in treating eye afflictions.

Plantain flowers cut to small pieces and sauté in sesame oil can be taken for treating throat ulcers, phlegm in chest etc.

Plantain flowers dried and powdered and taken with honey can help in treating vata diseases. When taken with buttermilk it cures nervous debilities.

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