Siddha Home Remedies: Brinjal Flower

Most of the flowers found in nature have medicinal value. You can find flower buds, petals, full blown flowers used in preparing various traditional and folk remedies. There are many not so well known flowers that possess excellent medicinal properties. And one such is brinjal flower or eggplant flower.

The sight of a full blown brinjal flower is soothing to the eye. This flower has the potential to pacify the imbalance of pitta dosha. People suffering from anemia can benefit from taking milk that is mixed with paste of eggplant flower and mango flower. For this purpose equal quantity of these flowers are taken and made to a marble sized fine paste and mixed in a glass of cow’s milk. This is taken before going to bed.

For those suffering from ‘body heat’, one remedy is taking a paste made of brinjal flower and fenugreek seeds. This paste needs to be taken a couple of days to get the desired result. And once you experience a reduction in the ‘body heat’, you can stop taking the paste further.

In case of vitiated pitta, one way of pacifying it would be to take a paste made of brinjal flower and dry ladies finger seeds. This is found to relieve most of the pitta related diseases.

For poisonous bites, people in villages make a thick paste of brinjal flower, small onions and turmeric and place it on the affected area. This is very effective in neutralizing the poison.

One remedy for headache is to prepare a paste of ginger and brinjal flower and apply a thick layer of this paste on the temple, forehead etc.

In case of tuberculosis couple of brinjal flowers are steeped in boiled water and taken regularly. This is a complementary treatment found to be very effective. This is also found to help heart problems.

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