Mulberry Tea for Weight Loss

Group of College Girls in a CircleMulberry tea is availed to treat different variety of health problems like high blood pressure, colds and diabetes. Mulberry is a plant that is seen in Thailand, China and Japan. It has been availed in conventional Chinese medicine, especially like an herbal tea. The health benefits of this tea are attributed to the naturally happening compound, DNJ or 1- deoxynojirimycin. DNJ is the main ingredient for its antidiabetic effects that have been researched highly. The tea contains lot of strong antioxidant properties and has been identified to reduce inflammation and decrease cholesterol level in the body.

Minerals and antioxidants: Based on the book released in the international book of food science and nutrition, these leaves have iron, calcium and zinc. Mulberry leaves has beta carotene and antioxidants ascorbic acid. Antioxidant hinders cellular damage that is caused by free radicals that get prepared at the time of food digestion and radiation exposure. Taking drinks and foods that are high in beta carotene on regular basis may lower the risk of cancer.

Reduce blood sugar levels: Diabetes 2 is featured by raised blood glucose levels. Mulberry leaves reduce blood glucose levels because of its gallic acid ingredient. In the research, people in the diabetes team and healthy group got a sucrose drink but certain people received mulberry extract. Blood glucose was examined in advance three and four hours after taking sucrose. The find outcome presented that consuming mulberry curbed glucose levels in the primary two hours after taking it. The researchers confirmed that mulberry could be beneficial both in treating diabetes and in its prevention.

Lower bad cholesterol: The scientists found that LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels are reduced in patients that are offered 280 grams of mulberry, three times every day for ninety days. Another study done in the year 2010, recommends that taking doses of mulberry on regular basis may be needed to look great results in reducing triglycerides and cholesterol. Having mulberry tea regularly may assist to avoid high cholesterol level. Mulberry leaf has been availed traditionally to treat inflammation caused by chronic diseases. Researchers identified mulberry leaf hinder inflammatory agents, preventing the body’s inflammatory reaction.

Blood tonic: In Chinese medicine, these berries are regarded as blood tonic, showing that they purify the blood and raise the production, strengthening the whole system. It helps to treat constipation, cleanse the liver, act as kidney strengtheners, better vision and hearing abilities is obtained.

Weight loss: Mulberry tea restricts carbohydrate absorption. This is because of compound morano line involved in digesting carbohydrates. This shows the carbohydrate, starchy food which you intake, such as rice, bread, potatoes and pasta, do not change to glucose in the body and are just flushed out. The glucose lack in the system reduce the blood sugar levels, creating you less hungry, availed as part of a good diet, this tea assists you attain the weight loss goals. Before using mulberry tea for any purpose, it is necessary for you to consult your doctor. He will guide you whether you can take tea or not after checking your health condition. There are some mild side effects are identified on taking this mulberry tea, so get an advice from your doctor.