Medicinal Uses of Tomato Flower, Cauliflower and Ponnanganni Flower

Flowers have been used as home remedies from time immemorial. Indian traditional systems are replete with remedies that utilize various flowers found in nature. In this post I would like to share with you home remedies that are made using of tomato flower, cauliflower and ponnanganni flower. This is a continuation of the series of flower remedies that I have been blogging about for sometime.
Tomato Flower Remedies
Tomato is an edible fruit that is said to have originated in South America. It is consumed raw, added as an ingredient in many dishes and drinks. It is considered a vegetable for culinary purposes which can confuse many. There are around 7500 varieties of tomatoes grown all over the world. Genetically modified and enriched tomatoes are being developed by scientists and this has led to lots of controversies. It is safe not to use GM and enriched varieties of tomatoes.
And now for the flowers. Paste made of almonds and tomato flowers is an excellent herbal face pack that cleanses the skin and keeps it firm and beautiful. Inhaling the scent of tomato flowers has been effective in relieving headaches.
Tomato flowers can be crushed and added to yogurt. Rock candy is added to this and taken as a remedy for stomach ulcers. Similarly tomato flowers are taken with palm candy as a remedy for intestinal ulcers. Juice obtained from crushing the flowers is added to onion juice and taken in the mornings. This is an excellent ‘body coolant’.
Cauliflower Remedies
Cauliflower belongs to the Brassicaceae family. Though white cauliflower is common, there are orange, green and purple colored varieties available. The phytochemicals present in cauliflower is beneficial to human health. Boiling the flower can lead to loss of these beneficial compounds.
It is found to be an aphrodisiac and improves libido. It is rich in calcium. Cauliflower can be taken raw after keeping it immersed it in hot water for sometime.
Thoroughly dried and powdered cauliflower can be added to milk and taken to improve immunity.
Ponnanganni Flower Remedies
The botanical name for ponnanganni is Alternanthera Sessilis. It is also known as sessile joyweed. This grows well in damp and wet spots, mostly around shores of ponds, rivers and lakes. The leaves as well as flowers of this plant have immense medicinal value. Regular consumption of ponnanganni flower improves eyesight. Night blindness can be cured by regular consumption of raw ponnanganni flowers.
Taking a decoction of the flower and cumin seed powder is found to cure eye irritation due to excessive heat. A handful of fresh ponnangani flowers are collected and soaked in half a liter of coconut oil. A spoonful of this flower soaked oil is taken in the mornings for increased energy and vitality.
Flowers should be cleaned thoroughly in running water before preparation of remedies. Regular consumption of the above mentioned remedies help in curing various health conditions without any side effects.

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