Jiaogulan Tea High Blood Pressure Relation

greentea3_0Jiaogulan Tea is as old as the country from which it originates from (China). As of now, nearly everyone who is health conscious knows precisely what Jiaogulan tea is. In addition, its benefits are as clear as the sun to all who know it. For those of you who may be hearing the name for the very first time, or have heard it somewhere but knows nothing, or very less about it, here is a description of what Jiaogulan tea is:

Jiaogulan Tea
“Jiaogulan Tea, otherwise referred to as the immortal herb, is literally tea made using Jiaogulan leaves, which are known to grow wildly in China.”

The tea is popular owing to its medicinal property, as it is known to boost immune system, increase resistance to environmental pressure, improve memory, prevent hair loss, improve heart function, and manage blood pressure, to mention but a few.
However, this article endeavors to focus on Jiaogulan and its Uses as a high blood pressure remedy.

Jiaogulan Tea High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be fatal if not managed properly. It is known to progress to heart, eventually resulting to blood vessel diseases, as well as other complications such as kidney disease that can kill in a very short time.

Jiaogulan tea, thanks to its active constituents can help your body maintain optimal range blood pressure levels. Among its active constituents are potent antioxidants, which support and strengthen blood vessels, enhances the relaxation of these vessels and also encourages optimal blood flow. When introduced to the body, Jiaogulan targets various underlying causes of blood pressure and further provides maximum support and efficient control.

More accurately, Jiaogulan is connected to Nitric Oxide Production in blood levels. According to Dr. Tanner, together with his team from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the group found out, during their investigation on the vasorelaxation effects of Jiaogulan, that gypenosides active in Jiaogulan causes the lining of blood vessels to “release” nitric oxide. Nitric oxide when induced in blood vessels is known to result in more efficient blood flow. As such, nitric oxide linked to Jiaogulan given that it prompts the blood vessels to relax lowers high blood pressure by about 82%

Furthermore, Jiaogulan tea has been found to be the remedy for side effects brought about by other medications of high blood pressure. Jiaogulan is thus recommended for people who are on blood pressure medicines and are experiencing either one or a number of the following side effects:

· Extra Urination
· Erection problems, that is in men
· Fatigue, weakness, or leg cramps
· Cold hands and feet
· Asthma symptoms
· Intense and Sudden foot pain
· Depression
· Insomnia and Sleeping disorders
· Kidney damage
· Digestive disorders
· Elevated LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (blood fats)
· A dry hacking cough
· Anemia
· Anxiety and restlessness
· Vision problems
· Sensitivity to sunlight
When taken specifically for high blood pressure purposes, it is advised against use of sweeteners such as sucrose syrup and sugar, as this may instead worsen the condition. In addition, caffeine is to be avoided at all cost. Fortunately, Jiaogulan itself has the ability to stimulate and can thus be used as an alternative to coffee. For safety purposes though, it crucial that you discuss with your doctor before attempting anything, he/she will be able to advice your appropriately.