Jiaogulan and AMPK Activation

Jiaogulan and AMPK Activationgreen-tea-10-daily-habits-blast-belly-fat

Using Jiaogulan to boost AMPK can play an important role in maintaining your health. While AMPK is an enzyme that controls metabolic activities in your body; jiaogulan works as an activator of AMPK. Both jiaogulan and AMPK help the body to reduce storage of fat thus helping you to maintain a healthy weight. Here is a brief explanation of how jiaogulan works with AMPK to promote good health.

Jiaogulan and AMPK Explained

Jiaogulan is a perennial herb that is grown in Southern China and other parts of Asia. This herb is now consumed as an herbal tea, whole leaf, or extracted supplement. Although its botanical name is gynostemma pentaphyllum, Chinese medicine has christened this unique herb as the immortality tea or herb because it has been promoting good health and longevity for centuries.

After extensive research was conducted on Southern Chinese indigenes who consumed jiaogulan regularly, Dr. Lu, from the Guiyang Medical College discovered that jiaogulan improves the immune system, cardiovascular health and protects against cancer, oxidative stress while improving circulation. The anti-aging and longevity promoting properties of this herb are connected with an enzyme called AMPK.

AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) serves as the master regulating switch in the body. It acts like a control panel to regulate metabolic pathways and it revitalizes aging cells in the body. AMPK supports glucose metabolism, oxidation of fatty acid and protein synthesis. Unfortunately as we grow older, our body’s production of AMPK declines significantly. Hence, we need supplementation to activate more AMPK for optimal health.

Jiaogulan and AMPK Activation

AMPK can be activated through exercise and diet. In addition, you can activate it by taking natural herbal products like jiaogulan. Researchers in Korea have discovered that jiaogulan is a very potent activator of AMPK in humans. In one of the Korean studies, some obese men consumed jiaogulan for a total of 14 weeks. The placebo controlled group did not experience any appreciable change while the members of the jiaogulan group had an average weight loss of 2 kilograms and they had lower cholesterol levels.

The activation of AMPK through the intake of jiaogulan plays an important role in reducing insulin sensitivity in diabetics. In a study carried out in China in 1997, jiaogulan was given to diabetic patients. Within 8 weeks over 89 percent of the patients showed improved insulin, glucose and triglyceride levels. Other studies have also found that the herb can stimulate the rejuvenation of vital beta cells in the pancreas which will improve the production of insulin and reduce blood glucose in patients with diabetes.


Jiaogulan and AMPK work together to promote healthy weight, better utilization of glucose and longevity. That is why jiaogulan is now being marketed as an AMPK activation supplement. However, before you start using any supplement, make sure you consult your doctor, especially if you have any pre-diagnosed medical condition.