Gynostemma Blood Pressure Regulations And Maintenance

images (3)Gynostemma or jiaogulan is a popular adaptogenic herb and it is highly beneficial for bringing your whole body back into balance. This is highly effective for increasing your strength and stamina. It protects your body and mind from mental or physical stresses. It is also considered as a highly potent health tonic.

Gynostemma Blood Pressure Management

High blood pressure is the root cause of many diseases such as kidney diseases, stroke, heart and blood vessel diseases and other complications. Gynostemma is proved as an excellent natural medicine for maintaining normal range blood pressure level in your body. Potent antioxidants are the major ingredients found in gynostemma. These are highly helpful for inhibiting cell damage, strengthening and supporting blood vessels, promoting blood flow in peripheral arteries, helping to maintain normal blood viscosity and relaxing blood vessels to encourage optimal blood flow.

Gynostemma is not simply curing your blood pressure problems. Instead, it also targets many underlying causes of this health problem as well. This herb provides you maximum support, which is highly helpful for controlling your blood pressure efficiently. If you use traditional medicines for curing blood pressure problems, you cannot address the underlying causes properly. But, Gynostemma is a purely natural blood pressure support.

Clinical Study

In order to find out the benefits of gynostemma in maintaining blood pressure, clinical experiment was conducted in 223 patients. They were divided into three groups. Ginseng was provided to the first group, the second group took gynostemma and the third group took blood pressure drug, indapamide. The effectiveness of Gynostemma was 82 percent, where as Ginseng rated 46 percent and Indapamide rated 93 percent. Gynostemma is also helpful for modulating and reducing blood pressure when it is too high. When your blood pressure is too low, this herb helps to raise it.

Today, millions of Americans take gynostemma for maintaining normal blood pressure in their body. If you are planning to take this herb, you can also reduce the intake of drugs and gradually you can do away with them altogether. Gynostemma is not so expensive. So, while maintaining your blood pressure, you can do it in a cost effective way.

Side Effects of Blood Pressure Drugs

You can consult your physician to change your blood pressure medications if you are experiencing side effects of these medicines. People with hypertension (high blood pressure) can also think about taking gynostemma tea and capsules. This herb is the best complimentary and alternative treatment for problems due to blood pressure. Here is a detailed list of the side effects of blood pressure medications.

* Extra urination
* Cold hands and feet
* Asthma symptoms
* Sudden and intense foot pain
* Weakness, fatigue or leg cramps
* Erection problems in men
* Elevated blood fats and LDL cholesterol
* Digestive disorders
* Erectile dysfunction
* Kidney damage
* Loss of essential minerals
* Loss of taste and skin rashes
* Dry, hacking cough
* Insomnia and sleep problems
* Depression
* Sensitivity to sunlight
* Anemia
* Anxiety and restlessness
* Vision problems

How Gynostemma Helps you to Manage Blood Pressure?

According to the findings of a Chinese research, gynostemma is helpful for stimulating human body by increasing the production of nitric oxide, a natural vasodilator. When the vascular size is increased, it is very easy for your heart to pump more blood throughout your body. Thus, the blood pressure can be reduced. This increased blood flow is also helpful for mitigating harm from arterial build up, which occurs due to arteriosclerosis.

Gynostemma is also helpful for reducing cholesterol. High cholesterol is the major problem for clogged arteries. If you use gynostemma, you can prevent blood vessels from developing obstructions. When the size of your blood vessel is increased, it increases oxygen flow as well. This is helpful for getting greater endurance, solving erectile dysfunction, etc.

Gynostemma or Jiaogulan is a low lying vine and it is indigenous to Southern China. However, today, it is widely cultivated throughout Asia, Vietnam and Thailand. Primarily, gynostemma is produced as a herbal tea. However, it is also available as extracted supplement and whole leaf. Gynostemma is recommended by traditional Chinese Medicine as health tonic. It is known as Xian Cao in some regions of China because of its robust health and longevity.

The plant captured the attention of modern researchers at first in the 1970’s. China conducted its first nationwide census during that decade. Researchers noticed the unusual longevity of people in two small Southern provinces. Since 1980, researchers started extensive research on gynostemma because of its natural sweetness. The researchers developed this herb as a natural sweetener. However, the project was not fruitful, then they turned their focus on the health benefits of gynostemma.