Facts About Jiaogulan Pills

After knowing the health benefits of Jiaogulanimages (4) many people have made up their mind to include it in their routine diet to avail these benefits. Jiaogulan is available in the market in various forms including supplements, capsules and pills from which Jiaogulan pills are much popular among the people who want to enjoy its benefits. But before starting to take these pills they are advised to consult their doctor to know more about its pros and cons. Brief information in this regard is provided here under for your consideration.

Side effects of Jiaogulan 

In fact Jiaogulan contains several substances that can help in protecting you from various fatal diseases by reducing the level of cholesterol. But no scientific evidence is available about the safety of this herb. It can cause a number of side effects including increase in bowel movement and severe nausea if taken more than required. it can also be unsafe to take these pills during pregnancy as it can cause birth defects due to the chemicals included in them.

Precautions for using Jiaogulan 

You should avoid using Jiaogulan in any form if:

  • You are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • You are suffering from the problem of bleeding disorder
  • Your surgery is scheduled within few days or weeks as this herb can increase bleeding at that time

Interactions of Jiaogulan with other medicines

  • Jiaogulan can interact with the medicines used for decrease immune system so you should be cautious and talk to your health care provider while using this combination. It can oppose the effectiveness of the medicines used for decreasing immune system as Jiaogulan can activate your immune system. This contradictory behaviour of two medicines can cause various other health problems.
  • Jiaogulan should also be taken cautiously with the medicines taken for slowing down clotting of blood as it can interact with them and cause bleeding or bruising with them. You should not take these pills without consulting your doctor.

Dosage of Jiaogulan

According to various scientific researches Jiaogulan should be taken 10 mg three times a day every day by the patients of high cholesterol by mouth in the form of pills, tablets or supplement.

In this way, even if Jiaogulan has a number of health benefits, you should take it in any form cautiously to enjoy its benefits instead of facing other problems caused by interactions. You must consult your health care provider before starting to take this herb of immortality in any form.