Dried mulberry leaves: Sweet Tea with health benefits

bellocq_mulberry__Lo_ResSDid you know that dried mulberry leaves are used to make herbal tea? Well, this plant not only makes for nicely flavored tea, but is also very healthy for you. It is interesting to note that the mulberry plant is usually grown as food for silkworms, which use it as raw materials. What makes the mulberry plant healthy and safe is that it occurs naturally. This is why it has compounds such as deoxynojirimycin (abbreviated as DNJ) that is mainly responsible for the mulberry’s antioxidant properties.

Below are some other benefits of dried mulberry leaves:

Minerals and antioxidants

The leaves of the mulberry plant contain minerals such as zinc, calcium and iron. These vital minerals are required for proper growth. In addition, the leaves contain antioxidants such as beta-carotene and ascorbic acid. Antioxidants work to clean the body by inhibiting damage to body cells caused by free radicals. These radicals are harmful compounds that find their way to the boy cells via inhalation (smoke) and exposure to radiation. In the long run, herbal mulberry tea can help reduce the chances of a person getting cancer.

Lowers glucose levels in the blood

When blood glucose levels rise beyond a certain threshold, your body becomes diabetic. As you may have well imagined, this undesirable condition is uncomfortable. It is also expensive to treat and limits you on many of life’s comforts. Nonetheless, all is not lost as experimental results indicate that intake of mulberry tea can help reduce your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Test patients who took mulberry tea had reduced glucose levels after a period of only two hours.

Reduces bad cholesterol

A group of individuals who had bad cholesterol levels were each given 280 grams of mulberry leaves that had been ground to powder. They were observed and tested after three months. Another similar experiment was conducted later with different subjects. Both studies indicated that the mulberry powder had positive effects on the subjects as it greatly reduced the cholesterol levels in their blood. You need to know that cholesterol is necessary for normal body functions. However, above a certain level, cholesterol becomes unhealthy.

Anti-inflammatory effects

An inflammation of any part of your body can take a toll on you. However, this unwanted condition can be treated using mulberry products. You can take mulberry as a powder or as tea leaves as it inhibits the agents that cause inflammation to your internal organs. The good thing about mulberry is that it eases the pain that is always associated with inflammation.

Include mulberry products in your cuisine to change your flavor and improve your health in the process.