Why Jiaogulan Tea Help Depression?

holiday-teaBecause Jiaogulan is a rare kind of Adaptogen, it makes the Jiaogulan tea a very great solution to depression.

Adaptogens are rare and remarkable plants that increase the body’s ability to counter and resist physical, chemical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors by raising nonspecific resistance to such stress. They decrease the organism’s susceptibility to illness by allowing it to “adapt” to the stressful circumstances.

Adaptogens support normal metabolism, help restore balance to the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, and allow the body to maintain optimal homeostasis. They usually also benefit the liver, cardiovascular system, kidneys, and pancreas.

For a plant to be qualified as an adaptogen, it must meet the following 3 criteria


An adaptogen is nontoxic to the recipient. It must cause minimal side effects on physical or mental health.

Increases Resistance to Stress

An adaptogen produces a nonspecific response in the body—an increase in the power of resistance against multiple stressors including physical, chemical, or biological agents in multiple nonspecific ways, including the building of a reserve of “adaptive energy”. This reserve is then used when an actual stressor arises, instead of depleting the cells of vital energy.

Has a Normalizing Effect

An adaptogen is “intelligent” in that it has a normalizing influence on physiology, regardless of the direction of change from the normal state caused by the stressor. This normalizing influence implies the capability of adaptogens for a bidirectional effect on physiological function. They are capable of either toning down or strengthening the activity of multiple systems, including the neuroendocrine and immune systems, depending on the need. For example, if a person with high blood pressure is given Jiaogulan, their blood pressure will drop. If on the other hand, their blood pressure is below normal, it will raise.

What basically causes depression?

Neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain), including dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, help regulate our moods and emotions. Depressed and/or anxious people tend to have lower levels of these chemicals. Brains cells require specific nutrients to produce neurotransmitters. If the amounts of these key nutrients fall below critical levels, the biochemistry of the brain changes, resulting in fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritability, and other symptoms. In many cases, people with blood levels indicating that they lack key nutrients, respond quite well to supplements.

Note: We are all faced with various life stresses that may cause levels of neurotransmitters to fall, temporarily. Those with low chemical levels, to begin with, are more likely to experience prolonged depressive and/or anxious moods.

Like the saying; when health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.

So, therefore, this article makes you understand that the intake of Jiaogulan tea helps in producing those required nutrients the brain cells needs, to avoid depression.

Jiaogulan Benefits to Seniors

yoga (2)Jiaogulan, also known as the “Immortality” herb, has a long list of reinvigorating properties. It is a class of herbs known as “adaptogens”, that help the body without causing any imbalance or harm. The people in southern China have long been drinking the popular Jiaogulan tea to augment energy and strength, combat stress and fatigue, treat colds, infectious diseases and the flu. Modern research and testing supports all of these above claims and much more, finding it to be a strong antioxidant and extremely effective in treating a wide array of health issues and promoting overall wellness and health. Here are some of the jiaogulan benefits to seniors.

Helps to Build Immune System
Doctors in China recommend regular consumption of jiaogulan for people recovering from brain and heart surgery because the herbs present in jiaogulan support and regulate the immune system, thus aiding in a more effective and quicker recovery. Additionally, seniors undergoing cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation receive this herb as well. Study has proved that this herb can even augment white blood cells in the body, which in turn bolster resistance.

Helps to Alleviate The Risk Of Heart Attacks And Strokes
Jiaogulan helps to mitigate the possibility of a stroke or heart attack in seniors by preventing blood platelets from clasping together. This in turn inhibits a stroke activating blood clot from developing. This same action inhibits artery clogging, thus mitigating the risk of a stroke.

Helps to Mitigate Stress
Jiaogulan also helps to calm the nerves. In a study it was found that people who could not sleep due to stress and anxiety, took 70 mg. of jiaogulan and it was reported that over 96% were sleeping well within a span of 6 days.

Helps to Lower Cholesterol
According to a study, jiaogulan also helps to strengthen the ability of the muscles and liver to convert sugar into energy instead of fat. This in turn lowers cholesterol by reducing HDLs in bloodstream and augmenting LDLs. It also inhibits platelets from increasing in the bloodstream and causing high cholesterol.

Helps to Regulate Blood Pressure
The herb also acts as a blood pressure regulator . It increases blood pressure when it is too low and decreases when it is too high. According to a study conducted on 222 patients, the herb regulated blood pressure at an 80% effectiveness rate.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, jiaogulan also helps to improve concentration and memory in seniors, thus maintaining their overall health and quality of life.

Jiaogulan and AMPK Activation

Jiaogulan and AMPK Activationgreen-tea-10-daily-habits-blast-belly-fat

Using Jiaogulan to boost AMPK can play an important role in maintaining your health. While AMPK is an enzyme that controls metabolic activities in your body; jiaogulan works as an activator of AMPK. Both jiaogulan and AMPK help the body to reduce storage of fat thus helping you to maintain a healthy weight. Here is a brief explanation of how jiaogulan works with AMPK to promote good health.

Jiaogulan and AMPK Explained

Jiaogulan is a perennial herb that is grown in Southern China and other parts of Asia. This herb is now consumed as an herbal tea, whole leaf, or extracted supplement. Although its botanical name is gynostemma pentaphyllum, Chinese medicine has christened this unique herb as the immortality tea or herb because it has been promoting good health and longevity for centuries.

After extensive research was conducted on Southern Chinese indigenes who consumed jiaogulan regularly, Dr. Lu, from the Guiyang Medical College discovered that jiaogulan improves the immune system, cardiovascular health and protects against cancer, oxidative stress while improving circulation. The anti-aging and longevity promoting properties of this herb are connected with an enzyme called AMPK.

AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) serves as the master regulating switch in the body. It acts like a control panel to regulate metabolic pathways and it revitalizes aging cells in the body. AMPK supports glucose metabolism, oxidation of fatty acid and protein synthesis. Unfortunately as we grow older, our body’s production of AMPK declines significantly. Hence, we need supplementation to activate more AMPK for optimal health.

Jiaogulan and AMPK Activation

AMPK can be activated through exercise and diet. In addition, you can activate it by taking natural herbal products like jiaogulan. Researchers in Korea have discovered that jiaogulan is a very potent activator of AMPK in humans. In one of the Korean studies, some obese men consumed jiaogulan for a total of 14 weeks. The placebo controlled group did not experience any appreciable change while the members of the jiaogulan group had an average weight loss of 2 kilograms and they had lower cholesterol levels.

The activation of AMPK through the intake of jiaogulan plays an important role in reducing insulin sensitivity in diabetics. In a study carried out in China in 1997, jiaogulan was given to diabetic patients. Within 8 weeks over 89 percent of the patients showed improved insulin, glucose and triglyceride levels. Other studies have also found that the herb can stimulate the rejuvenation of vital beta cells in the pancreas which will improve the production of insulin and reduce blood glucose in patients with diabetes.


Jiaogulan and AMPK work together to promote healthy weight, better utilization of glucose and longevity. That is why jiaogulan is now being marketed as an AMPK activation supplement. However, before you start using any supplement, make sure you consult your doctor, especially if you have any pre-diagnosed medical condition.

Where to Buy Jiaogulan Tea

You may be stranded on where to buy jiaogulan teaFree-Shiping-500G-JIAOGULAN-Herbal-Tea-Leaves-Gynostemma-Pentaphylla-For-Protecting-Heart-Free-Gift after you have learned about the health benefits associated with drinking the tea. There are several places from where you can buy the tea from, but the best place where you should turn to for you to buy the tea is online. There are several online stores available from where you can buy the tea. After you buy the tea online, you should read instructions provided on how to prepare the tea for you to enjoy the health benefits associated with the tea. The tea is made out of natural extracts which will work well in your body and ensure you achieve the best results out of it. The use of the tea started from South China and its uses have extended to different parts of the world. The tea is available in major online stores all-round the globe. It is upon you to take your time and compare the stores for you to decide on the best. Here are reasons why you should buy jiaogulan tea online:

It is easy to locate a store that offers genuine jiaogulan tea

You should always look for jiaogulan tea which has been formulated to offer the best results. You will easily know about a store which will offer you such tea after you take your time and study different stores available online. From the stores you will easily land on one which will tend to receive good reviews about the tea that they offer. It is easier for you to carry out your own comparison online because there is not travelling involved. Some of the benefits which you will enjoy after you order your jiaogulan tea online successfully include reducing levels of cholesterol in your body. The tea has great effects in fighting cancer and detoxifying the body.

Buying jiaogulan tea online will save you time

You will not be required to move from one store to the other for you to be able to access the best store from where you can buy the tea, you will just be seated in your home from where you will order the tea online. This will be very suitable for you in case you are among those who are too busy in your daily routine. When buying the tea online you can just spare few minutes in your office or home from where you can make an order. Considering the tea is very easy to use, after it has been delivered to your home you can just follow simple instructions and start making use of it. It will lead you to enjoying healthy life after a short while.

It is easy for you to save money while buying jiaogulan tea online

Some of the tips which you need to employ for you to save on money while buying the tea include buying from a store where you will be offered the tea at the best prices. It will be very easy for you to locate a store that will offer you the tea at the best prices after you decide to carry out your research online. It will also be a saving on your side because when buying online you will not be required to travel over long distances before you can buy the tea, you will just order it and it will be delivered to your doorstep. In order to access the tea as soon as you have ordered it, you should try and order it from stores which will guarantee you quick delivery of the tea. You can easily know whether the store is known to delivery fast after you check on reviews that other people offer about it.

It is very easy to buy from the manufacturers directly

In order to increase your chances of buying genuine jiaogulan tea, you can resort to buying the tea directly from the stores that the manufacturers recommend. It will be very easy for you to buy from such stores after you decide to order the tea online. Even if you will like to buy it in bulk, there are no cases where you will be told the stock is over after you decide to buy the tea online. In case you are faced with a challenge on where to buy jiaogulan tea, you should always go online.

Health Benefits of Southern Ginseng Tea

C0CMpuODYmYYou may be asking what Ginseng is. In this write-up, we will explain what are Ginseng, the type and the healthy benefits of Southern ginseng tea

Ginseng is a type of perennial plant that belongs to the Panax family of the Araliaceae. It has fleshy roots and they have slow – growth rate. These plants do well in cool climate. They are mainly found in North America and the Eastern Asia (Korea, Eastern Siberia, and Northern China). Ginseng looks like a fork or a shape of a man. There are three most common types of ginseng tea:

  • Siberian ginseng
  • Asian ginseng
  • American ginseng

All these types are very beneficial for vitality and human healthy

Healthy benefits of Ginseng tea:

Ginseng tea is a kind of beverage that is normally taken orally. It is the most known herbal nutritious supplement. The following are the benefits of ginseng tea;

Reduce and relieve menstrual cramps to women. Sometimes menstrual cramps can be very painful. The ginseng tea has coolant effects that reduces the pain and make you feel better. In addition, it reduces all stomach pain that is related with menstruation.

Blood pressure – ginseng tea is highly recommended for people who suffer low blood pressure. This beverage keeps you active throughout the day thus increasing your blood pressure. In addition, it increases your energy.

Brain food – ginseng tea is best at stimulating the brain cells. Additionally, it boosts your concentration power and cognitive ability. Therefore, ginseng tea is recommended for the student.

Obesity- ginseng tea helps people who are overweight to reduce excess fat and stay healthy. It does this by giving the users the required energy that fights the fatigue. This aspect makes one be more active throughout the day thus helping in the breakdown of cholesterol. It reduces the carbohydrates that are changed to fat.

Helps in Hair growth – Ginseng tea reduces the hair loss and makes the hair strong.

Healthy skin – drinking ginseng tea is highly recommended for refining and rehydrating the skin. In addition, it boosts the skin cell regeneration by increasing the oxygen in the cells. It also improves the blood circulation, thus detoxifying the blood. This is very important to the human skin healthy.

Cancer – ginseng contains very powerful anti-cancer properties that prevent the users from any kind of cancer.

Sexual dysfunction – men who suffer erectile problem are advised to drink ginseng tea since it boosts erectile power. It reduces the problem of sex related problems.

Jiaogulan Tea Ginseng Is the Best

There are many characteristics that make Jiaogulan tea ginseng more effective.chinese-green-tea For instance, it contains natural ingredients that combine with other body fluids such as bile acids to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body. Because of this, it is recommended for people who want to lose weight and just be healthy. In addition to that, these natural ingredients also help to reduce the risk of contracting colon cancer. Studies carried out on several people showed that those who use this herb reported a lower risk to infection that those who did not. Perhaps, this explains why the herb has been so popular.

Another reason why this herb has been said to be the new ginseng is because of the similarity between the chemicals properties that are found I the two substances. However, what makes jiaogulan tea even more superior to ginseng is the fact that it contains more than double of these chemicals. The meaning of this is that even though ginseng is still effective, there is no doubt that jiaogulan tea will be even more useful. It is likely to bring forth better and faster results apart from the fact that it is by far much easier to use. If you have been looking for something that is more effective, this is the perfect solution.

Another factor to note is that in Chinese medicine, ginseng was and is still used to treat symptoms such as insomnia, flu, colds, stress and many others. Other benefits include the ability to improve the concentration and memory of the person that uses it. In addition to that, physical stamina as well as endurance can be reduced through its intake. The stimulant properties cannot be forgotten. What is surprising is that you can get all these benefits and even much more when you use jiaogulan tea. This is one of the strongest reasons why scientists have concluded that it is the perfect substitute for ginseng.

The proponents of Jiaogulan tea ginseng always point out that the fact that it can be used for many of similar benefits as the usual ginseng means that it is not an ordinary herb. Even though there are chemicals that may be present in one and absent in the other, there is no doubt that by switching to this new alternative, you will find a better way of enhancing your health. If you have not tried it, you just do not know what you are missing.

Jiaogulan Tea High Blood Pressure Relation

greentea3_0Jiaogulan Tea is as old as the country from which it originates from (China). As of now, nearly everyone who is health conscious knows precisely what Jiaogulan tea is. In addition, its benefits are as clear as the sun to all who know it. For those of you who may be hearing the name for the very first time, or have heard it somewhere but knows nothing, or very less about it, here is a description of what Jiaogulan tea is:

Jiaogulan Tea
“Jiaogulan Tea, otherwise referred to as the immortal herb, is literally tea made using Jiaogulan leaves, which are known to grow wildly in China.”

The tea is popular owing to its medicinal property, as it is known to boost immune system, increase resistance to environmental pressure, improve memory, prevent hair loss, improve heart function, and manage blood pressure, to mention but a few.
However, this article endeavors to focus on Jiaogulan and its Uses as a high blood pressure remedy.

Jiaogulan Tea High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be fatal if not managed properly. It is known to progress to heart, eventually resulting to blood vessel diseases, as well as other complications such as kidney disease that can kill in a very short time.

Jiaogulan tea, thanks to its active constituents can help your body maintain optimal range blood pressure levels. Among its active constituents are potent antioxidants, which support and strengthen blood vessels, enhances the relaxation of these vessels and also encourages optimal blood flow. When introduced to the body, Jiaogulan targets various underlying causes of blood pressure and further provides maximum support and efficient control.

More accurately, Jiaogulan is connected to Nitric Oxide Production in blood levels. According to Dr. Tanner, together with his team from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the group found out, during their investigation on the vasorelaxation effects of Jiaogulan, that gypenosides active in Jiaogulan causes the lining of blood vessels to “release” nitric oxide. Nitric oxide when induced in blood vessels is known to result in more efficient blood flow. As such, nitric oxide linked to Jiaogulan given that it prompts the blood vessels to relax lowers high blood pressure by about 82%

Furthermore, Jiaogulan tea has been found to be the remedy for side effects brought about by other medications of high blood pressure. Jiaogulan is thus recommended for people who are on blood pressure medicines and are experiencing either one or a number of the following side effects:

· Extra Urination
· Erection problems, that is in men
· Fatigue, weakness, or leg cramps
· Cold hands and feet
· Asthma symptoms
· Intense and Sudden foot pain
· Depression
· Insomnia and Sleeping disorders
· Kidney damage
· Digestive disorders
· Elevated LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (blood fats)
· A dry hacking cough
· Anemia
· Anxiety and restlessness
· Vision problems
· Sensitivity to sunlight
When taken specifically for high blood pressure purposes, it is advised against use of sweeteners such as sucrose syrup and sugar, as this may instead worsen the condition. In addition, caffeine is to be avoided at all cost. Fortunately, Jiaogulan itself has the ability to stimulate and can thus be used as an alternative to coffee. For safety purposes though, it crucial that you discuss with your doctor before attempting anything, he/she will be able to advice your appropriately.

Jiaogulan Tea Capsules Can Promote Many Health Benefits

Jcaps2Jiaogulan is a plant that can be harvested several times a year, unlike the ginseng root, which has to grow in the soil for at least six years until it has fully developed its healing properties. The cultivation and reaping of the plant is relatively economical. This is the reason why the Jiaogulan tea has gained popularity in Europe so fast, for compared to other health products this inexpensive tea is affordable by anyone. Jiaogulan is a product that spreads very quickly due to its fast and positive effect on people. It is like the plant. Once it is properly rooted in the soil, it sprouts again from its rootstock, thus multiplying itself.

Many scientists who paid attention to Jiaogulan tea capsules due to its highly antioxidant effect have been able to prove this effect in many studies. The results of all these laboratory researches lead to the conclusion that the gypenosides present in Jiaogulan will play a decisive role in the near future when dealing with the prevention of diseases like cancer, arteriosclerosis, inflammations, and liver diseases.

Experiments on animals showed that the gypenosides protected the animals against oxidative effects that were induced by external influences. At the same time, a significant effect against symptoms of old age was apparent. These are also associated with the presence of free radicals and their oxidative effect.

Medical tests on humans resulted that Jiaogulan and the therein contained gypenosides have a healing effect when treating contraction of the coronary artery, inflammations, heart attack, and stroke. It delays signs of old age and infirmity. Jiaogulan contains a great number of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Jiaogulan has a nourishing effect on the organs. It increases their blood supply whereby they can be better supplied with oxygen and vital cellulose, which are indispensable to the functioning of the cell metabolism.

Thereby Jiaogulan has an important soothing and strengthening effect on the whole nervous and hormonal system. Jiaogulan takes a special place within the group of adaptogens, for not all adaptogens have such a broad spectrum of activity as the Jiaogulan plant. In a word, Jiaogulan takes effect where it is necessary. People that are weak and indifferent are reinvigorated by Jiaogulan. Because Jiaogulan shows such a broad sphere of activity, both for therapeutic and preventive uses, many expensive dietary supplements can be replaced by drinking Jiaogulan daily, as a result of which many expensive health products can be omitted.

Benefits Revealed After Jiaogulan Research

jiaogulan-imageJiaogulan is a vine type plant scientifically known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum and popularly known as the herb of immortality in various Asian countries including China, Japan and Thailand. After many years of Jiaogulan research it was detected that this herbal offers a number of health benefits to the mankind due to some of the ginseng like compounds present in it. Brief information about the benefits offered by Jiaogulan plant is provided here under so that you can take a final decision about including it in your routine diet.

Benefits for your brain: It has been proved through various researches that the compounds found in Jiaogulan can help in protecting your brain from the damages that can lead to problems like Parkinson’s diseases due to cognitive degeneration. The reports published in the International Medical Research Journal had revealed the fact that mental health benefits can be achieved by including Jiaogulan in your regular diet as it can reduce depression and anxiety by soothing your nerves.

Cardiovascular benefits: According to the research reports published in Phytomedicine in 2005 Jiaogulan can help in protecting from heart attack and other heart related diseases that can lead even to the death of the patient. Reports further said that this herb is protective to the effect of irregular heart beat and heart spasms that can cause death. Moreover it was also detected that regular use of Jiaogulan can also lower the level of cholesterol in your blood and reduce the problem of high blood pressure along with keeping your heart healthy.

Other health benefits of Jiaogulan: Along with cardiovascular and adaptogenic benefits Jiaogulan can also boost you immune system, according to various researches. They have detected that this herb can be beneficial for the athletes as it can increase their endurance and stamina. It has also been revealed that regular use of Jiaogulan can be useful for boosting metabolism along with fat and weight loss as it helps in preventing the accumulation of sugar as fat in our body.

Thus after the research of many years Jiaogulan can really be considered as the herb of immortality as it takes care of your heart and brain along with a number of other vital parts of your body which can cause death if not cared properly. But even after so many benefits you should include Jiaogulan in your routine diet after consulting your doctor as it can increase bowel movement or cause severe nausea if taken more than prescribed dose.

Facts About Jiaogulan Pills

After knowing the health benefits of Jiaogulanimages (4) many people have made up their mind to include it in their routine diet to avail these benefits. Jiaogulan is available in the market in various forms including supplements, capsules and pills from which Jiaogulan pills are much popular among the people who want to enjoy its benefits. But before starting to take these pills they are advised to consult their doctor to know more about its pros and cons. Brief information in this regard is provided here under for your consideration.

Side effects of Jiaogulan 

In fact Jiaogulan contains several substances that can help in protecting you from various fatal diseases by reducing the level of cholesterol. But no scientific evidence is available about the safety of this herb. It can cause a number of side effects including increase in bowel movement and severe nausea if taken more than required. it can also be unsafe to take these pills during pregnancy as it can cause birth defects due to the chemicals included in them.

Precautions for using Jiaogulan 

You should avoid using Jiaogulan in any form if:

  • You are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • You are suffering from the problem of bleeding disorder
  • Your surgery is scheduled within few days or weeks as this herb can increase bleeding at that time

Interactions of Jiaogulan with other medicines

  • Jiaogulan can interact with the medicines used for decrease immune system so you should be cautious and talk to your health care provider while using this combination. It can oppose the effectiveness of the medicines used for decreasing immune system as Jiaogulan can activate your immune system. This contradictory behaviour of two medicines can cause various other health problems.
  • Jiaogulan should also be taken cautiously with the medicines taken for slowing down clotting of blood as it can interact with them and cause bleeding or bruising with them. You should not take these pills without consulting your doctor.

Dosage of Jiaogulan

According to various scientific researches Jiaogulan should be taken 10 mg three times a day every day by the patients of high cholesterol by mouth in the form of pills, tablets or supplement.

In this way, even if Jiaogulan has a number of health benefits, you should take it in any form cautiously to enjoy its benefits instead of facing other problems caused by interactions. You must consult your health care provider before starting to take this herb of immortality in any form.