Why do you need Jiaogulan AMPK Activation?

15413247281359720628749814720656058677680701nJiaogulan AMPK activation is what you need to boost your health. To break it down, the following information looks at what AMPK is and why you need jiaogulan for activation. Many people are delighted to learn how they can take control and promote their health further; even eliminate unnecessary ailments that may have crept in. The good news is that you can cut unnecessary weight and boost overall metabolism in your body; below is an insight.

AMPK is an abbreviation of ‘adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase’. It is a vital body enzyme which holds the key to the metabolic activity of the body. It is the central control of glucose metabolism, protein synthesis and oxidation of fatty acids. These functions are necessary in the body to maintain the right weight and health. This enzyme also promotes the rejuvenation of aging cells. However as we grow older, production of AMPK enzyme declines greatly. If we do not get supplementation, health problems may arise.

Thankfully, this is where jiaogulan comes in. It is a well known ancient herb that has been used in Asia for thousands of years. Jiaogulan is a potent activator of AMPK in the body and together, people can maintain a healthy weight, utilize glucose better and live longer. Exercise and diet can also activate some AMPK but taking jiaogulan is effective and readily convenient for every person. Jiaogulan is marketed as a AMPK activator supplement and people can also use it as a tea. Studies done in Korea prove that jiaogulan is a potent activator of AMPK and will lead to weight loss and cholesterol reduction after a few weeks of taking it.

It is important to consult your health care provider before supplementing on a new herb. All in all, you can trust jiaogulan not just for metabolic benefits; but for a wealth of other health benefits as well.

An overview of Gynostemma tea And Its side effects

Slim woman pulling oversized jeans. Weight loss concept. Isolated on whiteFor many people with weight loss problems, using the Gynostemma tea has been the only reason of reducing their weight faster and naturally from the health benefits. In addition, it comes with the best results for those people looking for the best weight loss solutions. For those people who have used the diet, it has been one of the best weight loss products in the market.

How does Gynostemma tea work to help you lose weight naturally and improve your health?

The diet works in a unique way when compared to other common weight loss products for those people who would like to lose their weight naturally. Whenever you use it, Gynostemma tea will help in the process of suppressing your appetite that has been a common problem for those people with weight loss issues. When you do use it, you should be in that perfect position of gagging the amount of daily intake of food that goes into your stomach and body as a whole. Through this, you will always be able to control the calories and fats within the body thus enabling you to lose your weight faster.

The Gynostemma tea is also known to help in enhancing the metabolism of the body of people to help them burn those excess fats that comes into the body. When you use it, you should be control your weight by burning all those excess fats and calories that goes into your body. You will always be able to reduce your weight faster and naturally.

When using the Gynostemma tea, it is important to note that you will always be able to burn easily all the fats in your body since it has ability to absorb all the fats. For the people who have weight loss issues at the same time have used it when making their choice, they have managed to control their weight without having to exercise extremely to get that perfect size and shape that they need.

What are the common uses of Gynostemma tea in the body?

These are the benefits of using Gynostemma tea when looking for ways to improve your health amazingly:

  • Increase strength as well as endurance
  • Build lean muscle
  • Maintain normal levels in blood sugar
  • Remove toxins right from the body
  • Assist liver functioning
  • Anti-cancer
  • Improve sexual function
  • As a general tonic for overall wellbeing and health of the body
  • Decrease triglycerides levels and bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Increase good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Lower any high blood pressure
  • Increase blood flow in coronary
  • Decrease vascular resistance
  • As a nitric oxide releaser
  • As a healthy source of minerals and natural vitamins
  • Prevent senility
  • For its anti-aging benefits
  • Maintain healthy in brain function
  • Enhance immune system
  • Treat Diabetes easily
  • Reduce fatigue
  • As a powerful adaptogen
  • Treat bronchitis as well as breathing problems
  • As a powerful antioxidant
  • Reduce stress
  • Treat depression as well as anxiety
  • Maintain optimal weight

What are the side effects?

When you need to use Gynostemma tea, you should be aware of the side effects. Here are some of the Gynostemma tea side effects that you need to know:

Pregnancy as well as breast-feeding

A mother who is pregnant or breast feeding should never Gynostemma tea due to the side effects that comes with it. However, they can always seek help from doctors whenever they need to use the product. The product is POSSIBLY UNSAFE if taken through mouth during stage of pregnancy since it can always lead to possible birth defects once the baby is born.

Other possible side effects are:

  • The “Auto-immune diseases” like multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE)
  • rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

This can increase these symptoms of the autoimmune diseases. When you do have an autoimmune condition, you should avoid using the product since it comes with many other side effects such as bleeding disorders from a slowed down blood clotting process. This may also make this bleeding disorder even worse when measure are not taken.

In cases of surgery, Gynostemma tea can slow down the process of blood clotting thus predisposing at a risk of excess bleeding during as well as after surgery. People who need to undergo through a surgery should avoid using Gynostemma tea 6 months before the actual date of surgery.

In conclusion, the above preview on Gynostemma tea and its side effects whenever you need to use to lose weight faster and in an effective way.

Top Gynostemma Leaf Benefits

Hot-Sale-Free-Shipping-500g-Chinese-Herbal-Tea-Gynostemma-tea-Seven-Leaf-Ginseng--Lower-BloodAre you searching for something that will bring your entire body back into balance? If yes, then Gynostemma leaf could be your best bet.

What exactly is Gynostemma leaf? It is a leaf derived from a plant called Gynostemma Pentaphyllum or jiaogulan, a herbaceous plant that is native to China, Thailand,  North Korea, South Korea and Japan among other countries in Asia where this plant can be found. The plant is a popular herbal medicine, thanks to its powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic properties. Pharmacological research has linked Gynostemma with a host of health benefits. Below are some of the Gynostemma leaf benefits.

  1. It plays an essential role in weight management

The herb is popular for helping persons with weight management problems, and it is beneficial to persons looking forward to gaining or losing some extra pounds of weight. If you want to get rid of those extra pounds of weight, you just need to take the leaves of this herb in form of herbal tea to help accelerate your body’s metabolism. The powerful antioxidants contained in these leaves will help boost your body’s metabolism by adjusting your blood sugar levels and blood fat. Moreover, the herb naturally helps in the digestive process by improving bowel movements and cleansing the intestinal tract. And if you want to gain so extra pounds of weight, the saponins contained in Gynostemma leaves will help convert carbohydrates into fat. They will also increase your capacity to gain lean muscles as well.

  1. Improves cardiovascular health

Gynostemma also plays a role in normalizing blood pressure and stabilizing the heart rate as well. Regular consumption of the herbal tea derived from Gynostemma leaves improves cardiovascular health by increasing both the flow of oxygen and blood to the circulatory system. The saponins contained in this herb are beneficial to atherosclerosis, and they also reduce triglycerides and lower cholesterol by hindering its absorption by the body.

  1. Help maintain powerful antioxidant effects

The powerful antioxidants contained in Gynostemma leaves play a powerful role in maintaining powerful antioxidant effects, thus boosting the immune system by boosting the activity level of white blood cells and increasing the number of white blood cells in the body as well.

The antioxidants can further protect your cell membranes against negative influences resulting from oxidation, and which can cause chronic inflammation over time. Research has also shown that the antioxidants can also reduce fatigue and trigger the release of insulin.

There are numerous health benefits that are linked with the leaf of this plant apart from these benefits. But the best thing is to try this herb so that you can reap as many health benefits as possible.

Gynostemma Blood Pressure Regulations And Maintenance

images (3)Gynostemma or jiaogulan is a popular adaptogenic herb and it is highly beneficial for bringing your whole body back into balance. This is highly effective for increasing your strength and stamina. It protects your body and mind from mental or physical stresses. It is also considered as a highly potent health tonic.

Gynostemma Blood Pressure Management

High blood pressure is the root cause of many diseases such as kidney diseases, stroke, heart and blood vessel diseases and other complications. Gynostemma is proved as an excellent natural medicine for maintaining normal range blood pressure level in your body. Potent antioxidants are the major ingredients found in gynostemma. These are highly helpful for inhibiting cell damage, strengthening and supporting blood vessels, promoting blood flow in peripheral arteries, helping to maintain normal blood viscosity and relaxing blood vessels to encourage optimal blood flow.

Gynostemma is not simply curing your blood pressure problems. Instead, it also targets many underlying causes of this health problem as well. This herb provides you maximum support, which is highly helpful for controlling your blood pressure efficiently. If you use traditional medicines for curing blood pressure problems, you cannot address the underlying causes properly. But, Gynostemma is a purely natural blood pressure support.

Clinical Study

In order to find out the benefits of gynostemma in maintaining blood pressure, clinical experiment was conducted in 223 patients. They were divided into three groups. Ginseng was provided to the first group, the second group took gynostemma and the third group took blood pressure drug, indapamide. The effectiveness of Gynostemma was 82 percent, where as Ginseng rated 46 percent and Indapamide rated 93 percent. Gynostemma is also helpful for modulating and reducing blood pressure when it is too high. When your blood pressure is too low, this herb helps to raise it.

Today, millions of Americans take gynostemma for maintaining normal blood pressure in their body. If you are planning to take this herb, you can also reduce the intake of drugs and gradually you can do away with them altogether. Gynostemma is not so expensive. So, while maintaining your blood pressure, you can do it in a cost effective way.

Side Effects of Blood Pressure Drugs

You can consult your physician to change your blood pressure medications if you are experiencing side effects of these medicines. People with hypertension (high blood pressure) can also think about taking gynostemma tea and capsules. This herb is the best complimentary and alternative treatment for problems due to blood pressure. Here is a detailed list of the side effects of blood pressure medications.

* Extra urination
* Cold hands and feet
* Asthma symptoms
* Sudden and intense foot pain
* Weakness, fatigue or leg cramps
* Erection problems in men
* Elevated blood fats and LDL cholesterol
* Digestive disorders
* Erectile dysfunction
* Kidney damage
* Loss of essential minerals
* Loss of taste and skin rashes
* Dry, hacking cough
* Insomnia and sleep problems
* Depression
* Sensitivity to sunlight
* Anemia
* Anxiety and restlessness
* Vision problems

How Gynostemma Helps you to Manage Blood Pressure?

According to the findings of a Chinese research, gynostemma is helpful for stimulating human body by increasing the production of nitric oxide, a natural vasodilator. When the vascular size is increased, it is very easy for your heart to pump more blood throughout your body. Thus, the blood pressure can be reduced. This increased blood flow is also helpful for mitigating harm from arterial build up, which occurs due to arteriosclerosis.

Gynostemma is also helpful for reducing cholesterol. High cholesterol is the major problem for clogged arteries. If you use gynostemma, you can prevent blood vessels from developing obstructions. When the size of your blood vessel is increased, it increases oxygen flow as well. This is helpful for getting greater endurance, solving erectile dysfunction, etc.

Gynostemma or Jiaogulan is a low lying vine and it is indigenous to Southern China. However, today, it is widely cultivated throughout Asia, Vietnam and Thailand. Primarily, gynostemma is produced as a herbal tea. However, it is also available as extracted supplement and whole leaf. Gynostemma is recommended by traditional Chinese Medicine as health tonic. It is known as Xian Cao in some regions of China because of its robust health and longevity.

The plant captured the attention of modern researchers at first in the 1970’s. China conducted its first nationwide census during that decade. Researchers noticed the unusual longevity of people in two small Southern provinces. Since 1980, researchers started extensive research on gynostemma because of its natural sweetness. The researchers developed this herb as a natural sweetener. However, the project was not fruitful, then they turned their focus on the health benefits of gynostemma.

The Power Of Healing Herbs


Ayurvedic-Herbs-PowderHerbs are wonderful in our favorite foods and drinks. Incorporating herbs into your diet is as easy as adding them to teas, soups or roasts. Learning the healing properties of herbs will help you use the herbs correctly and more frequently in your life. Using healing herbs will in no way replace a doctors visit when you really need one, but it will aid you in your everyday life. From everyday colds, heart health and tummy issues, these healing herbs will have you feeling better without spending a dime on a doctor.

Turmeric is the first on the list. Its healing properties are regarded world-wide. It’s best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This makes for an ideal treatment for arthritis. It works to reduce the Cox-2 enzyme, the main contributor that causes the swelling and pain that plague sufferers of arthritis. Consuming turmeric on a regular basis can also protect your mind. Bisdemethoxycurcumin, the most active ingredient in turmeric, removes amyloid plaque buildup in the brain. This slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and helps prevent it in others not yet affected.

Our next herb is ginger. Ginger’s strongest healing property is battling nausea and vomiting. Nothing cures an upset stomach better than a cup of ginger tea. When you’re feeling nauseous, your brain releases the chemical serotonin. Ginger is effective at blocking those chemicals, easing your nausea. For pregnant women, it’s a godsend. A natural way to cure morning sickness with no side effects. It’s also great for sea sickness and a go-to hangover cure.

Saving the best for last, rosemary. Rosemary is an all-around healer. Good for the heart, rosemary protects blood vessels from damage. It’s also a powerful pain reliever. Apply rosemary oil to the skin to cure muscle pains, joint pains and soreness. In it’s extracted form, rosemary can stop carcinogens from binding onto DNA, preventing the formation of tumors in the body. Recent studies have also show that rosemary can improve memory function. Aromatherapy is essential to healing and the scent rosemary is chosen often for it’s mood boosting benefits.

Herbs can be often overlooked when it comes to healing benefits. Society has placed more importance on the treatment from a manufactured pill than a naturally occurring plant. Using herbs to heal yourself has been practiced for centuries. It’s less expensive that a doctor and it’s extremely easy to incorporate these herbs into your foods everyday. Next time your feeling under the weather, try a natural herb remedy before a man-made chemical.

Siddha Medicinal Herbs: Medicinal Benefits of Karisalankanni

Herbs undoubtedly are gifts of nature.  People until a few hundred years ago were treated with herbs for all ailments that afflicted them.  They absorbed all the benefits of a herbal concoction and regained their lost health.  Through various flushes, their immune system was strengthened which in turn eradicated the disease symptoms and restored good health.  The present day scenario is a complete contrast.  We are treated with chemicals for our symptoms.  The root cause of a disease is not taken into account in most cases.  Mindless use of chemicals in all spheres of life, stress etc has forced people to live with diseases.  The sedentary lifestyle, junk food and the like worsen the disease scenario.

But all is not lost say the Siddhas of yesteryears.  There is still hope and herbs can still clean up the mess created by humankind.  Herbs are still capable of cleaning our bodies of the toxins.  One such herb that has very powerful medicinal and cleansing properties is karisalankanni.  It is regarded as a kayakalpa herb.  Siddha saints have praised the herb for its medicinal properties in the Siddha texts hundreds of years ago.

There are a few variants in the herb based on the color of the flower.  Yellow or manjal karisalankanni is deemed the best in terms of its medicinal value.  White karisalankanni is found almost everywhere.  There are also blue, and red flower varieties.

Recent studies have shown that the herb possesses excellent hepato-protective properties.  The herb can strengthen the liver, increase production of bile, reduce inflammation etc.  The herb taken along with kizhanelli, another powerful herb, can cure jaundice in a matter of days.  It is also an excellent remedy for fatty liver. It is an excellent liver cleanser.  It helps regain appetite and in some cases cure hemorrhoids.

This is an excellent herb for women.  Women suffering from menstrual problems make use of this helpful herb to normalize their irregular periods.  The herb takes care of excessive bleeding.

 Karisalankanni arrests hair loss and helps luscious hair growth.  Bhringraj is a famous Ayurvedic hair oil prepared using the karisalankanni herb. Regular application of this oil is found to help shiny, luscious and dark hair growth.  The leaves of the karisalankanni are dried in shade, powdered to a fine consistency, and added to boiling coconut oil.  The oil is then allowed to cool and stored in a bottle in a cool dry place.  Application of this oil on a regular basis helps arrest hair fall and aid hair growth.

The juice obtained from the fresh leaves of karisalankanni herb is useful in treating cough and phlegm in chest.  Sesame oil and karisalankanni juice are added in equal quantities, boiled and allowed to cool.  5-10ml of this remedy is taken once a day for a week or two as needed.   It also aids in losing weight.  It slows down ageing and promotes good health.


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Natural Hair Conditioner Chembaruthi


The shoeflower plant (chembaruthi/chemparuthi/chemparathai) is well known for its hair conditioning property.  Called chembaruthi in Malayalam, the flowers and leaves of this plant have immense medicinal value.  The single layered flower with five petals is used medicinally instead of the multilayered flower called adukku chembaruthi.

The chembaruthi flower is found to strengthen the heart.  Chembaruthi flowers can be boiled in a glass of water and reduced to half. Jaggery or palm candy is added to this decoction to make it more palatable.  This is taken in the mornings on a regular basis to benefit the heart.  This also increases sperm count and improves sperm motility.  Shoeflower is also found to have anti-diabetic properties.

The leaves of chembaruthi can be used as a hair conditioner.  A handful of fresh shoeflower leaves is collected and a fine paste is made out of it. This paste is applied on hair in place of a conditioner shampoo.  After five minutes it can be washed off.  It will provide a dark and soft look to the hair.  The hair will have a nice bounce and shine.  People with sinus problems should not use these leaves as a hair conditioner as it can worsen their sinus difficulties.

The paste of shoeflower leaves when consumed internally can heal stomach ulcers.  For this either fresh leaves or dried and powdered leaves can be taken.  In case of fresh leaves, they can be made into a paste and a small marble sized paste is taken internally for a week.  The flowers too can be used either fresh or dried and powdered.

Diabetics can take one flower or bud once a day, to keep their glucose levels in check.  It also removes toxins from blood and cleanses it. Chembaruthi tea strengthens the heart and heals inflammation of urinary tract.

The paste of shoeflower leaves has anti-fungal properties and can be applied externally over areas affected by fungal infection.  It also heals chronic ulcers.

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Medicinal Benefits of Neem Flower


Neem flower has numerous medicinal properties that benefit the young and the old.

  • It is useful in treating ailments of the stomach.

  • It neutralizes excessive pitha in the body.

  • It expels intestinal worms in kids.

  • It helps recovery after debilitating fevers.

The neem tree is called ‘village dispensary’ in India.  All parts of the neem tree have medicinal uses.  The neem tree blooms in the months of March and April.  The tiny looking neem flower is an excellent source of antioxidants.

Thoroughly cleaned, fresh neem flowers can be ground to a fine thick paste.  A small marble sized paste of neem flowers can be added to milk and given to children for 2-3 days in the mornings.  This is found to expel intestinal worms.

Decoction made of fresh neem flowers is found to help kids with craving for dirt.  Adults with potbelly can take neem flower decoction on a regular basis to control and bring down their waist size.  Siddha texts recommend eating in moderation, the rule of thumb being the stomach should have 50 percent food, 25 percent water and 25 percent remaining empty.  In short, overeating is frowned upon by the Siddha system.  Eating healthy and in moderation along with neem flower decoction everyday can take care of even stubborn potbellies.

Steam inhalation with neem flowers relieves headaches, ear aches etc.

The flowers collected are cleaned and dried in shade thoroughly.  Dried flowers are soaked in honey and stored in a bottle.  Half a spoonful of this honey soaked neem flowers can be taken in the mornings regularly.  This is found to strengthen the body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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Mediicinal Benefits of Banana Flower

All parts of the banana plant have medicinal value including the banana flower.  The banana flower or vaazhai poo in Tamil, is well known in the rural parts of South India for its healing action on stomach ulcers.  The banana flower or banana blossom is available throughout the year.  It is used in preparing some tasty and healthy dishes in South India.
Banana Flower for Stomach
The flower is found to help scanty and painful urination.  Soup made of banana flower is an excellent natural laxative. People suffering from pain and burning sensation in hands and soles of the feet can benefit from taking vaazhai poo on a regular basis.  Bad breath and sweat odor can become a thing of past with regular consumption of banana flower.

Stomach bloating and bilious vomiting can be arrested with consumption of vaazhai poo.  Male infertility can be overcome with regular consumption of vaazhai poo.  Kidney stones can be cleared with vaazhai poo.  Burning sensation in anal area can be cured with consumption of vaazhai poo thrice or four times a week.

Banana Flower for Women
Banana flower juice mixed with honey or palm candy benefits white discharge in women.  This should be taken on empty stomach first thing in the morning.  Similarly women with excessive menstrual flow can benefit from taking banana flower regularly.  This helps with painful menstruation too.

Juice of vaazhai poo 100 ml taken in the mornings thrice or four times a week reduces cholesterol levels in blood.  this also purifies it.

Banana Flower for Obesity
Obese people can take a soup made of banana flower.  Finely cut banana flower, ginger, garlic, coriander leaves are boiled together and reduced to half.  A pinch of salt can be added to taste.  This is taken four to five times a week.  This is found to be helpful in weight management.

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Siddha Home Remedies: Medicinal Benefits of Thulasi (Holy Basil)

Herbs have been used in religious ceremonies since time immemorial.  Arugampul (Bermuda grass), vilva, neem, thulasi are some examples.  Thulasi or Holy Basil is the prasada given to devotees in Indian temples.  Thulasi thirtha or holy water infused with thulasi leaves is beneficial to both body and mind.
Thulasi is a kayakalpa herb.  It grows to a height of 75 centimeter to a meter with small hairy leaves and hairy stem.  It has white flowers and small black seeds. Siddha and Ayurveda medicinal systems make use of thulasi to treat fevers, vomiting, dysentery, malaria, bronchitis etc.  Unani medicinal system uses thulasi to purify blood, treat heart conditions and cool the body.
Tulsi is used in treating
  •     Ailments of chest including cough, cold, bronchitis
  •     Fevers like malaria, pneumonia and influenza
  •     Heart conditions
  •     Cholera, dysentery
  •     Migraine
  •     Asthma
  •     Smokers cough
  •     Inflammation of lungs
  •     Blood pressure
  •     Abdominal distention
  •     Liver diseases
  •     Hemorrhoids
  •     Anal itch
  •     Skin diseases
  •     Leprosy
  •     Head lice
  •     Menstrual disorders
  •     Poisonous bites
  •     Nail infections
Thulasi for Children
Thulasi or holy basil is known to clear chest congestion in infants.  For this infants are fed milk mixed with juice of tulsi leaves.  This also helps cure indigestion and loose watery stools in kids.  One method to treat whooping cough in infants – collect mature dry tulsi leaves and flowers, long pepper and sweetflag in equal quantity by weight.  Grind and powder all the three to a fine consistency.  Half a teaspoon of this preparation is mixed with honey and given twice a day.
Thulasi for Asthma
Four tulsi leaves and four vilva leaves along with four peppercorns are taken first thing in the morning on empty stomach.  This is thoroughly chewed and then swallowed down.  This helps ease labored breathing of asthmatic patients.
Thulasi for Heart
Juice obtained from thulasi leaves is mixed with honey of equal quantity.  A spoonful of this is taken in the mornings on empty stomach on a regular basis.  This is found to benefit irregular palpitation and strengthen the heart muscles.
Tulsi for Lungs
Fresh tulsi leaves are crushed to obtain 25-50 ml of juice.  This is added to ginger juice of same quantity.  A spoonful of this mixture is taken with honey for a month or two depending on the intensity.  This is found to bring down inflammation of lungs.  This relieves asthma, cough etc.  In case of influenza, a pinch of powdered cloves and salt are added to tulsi steeped water and taken three times a day.
Tulsi for Teeth
Tooth cavity and diseases of gums can be taken care of with the help of thulasi.  Press powdered thulasi leaves, powdered cloves and a pinch of camphor on affected tooth.  The same preparation can also be used as a tooth powder.  This takes care of inflamed gums and removes bad breath.
Thulasi home remedy for Bloody Hemorrhoids
Juice obtained from crushed thulasi leaves 250 ml is added to kuppaimeni juice of equal quantity.  Castor bean oil 250 ml is added to this mixture and boiled thoroughly to remove the moisture content.  50 ml of the resulting oil is taken at night for a week.  This is found to relieve hemorrhoids.

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