A recipe on how to make tea from fresh mulberry leaf

Mulberry-TeaThe mulberry tree, which grows in some parts of Asia such as China, Korea and Thailand, is widely acclaimed for offering quite a large number of health benefits. This especially true of its leaves, which have for a long time been used in traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of a wide variety of health challenges. In our contemporary world, the tea derived from fresh mulberry leaves has been subjected to extensive scientific research to ascertain just what benefits they can present to the medical sphere. Virtually all these studies have comprehensively proved that drinking this kind of tea is highly beneficial to your health.

To begin with, these leaves come loaded with a considerable amount of antioxidants such beta-carotene as well as ascorbic acid. For those who may perhaps not be in know, these vital compounds carry out their functions by effectively inhibiting free radical formation. Which if left unchecked can trigger extensive cellular damage. This at one go eliminates the potential risks of contracting a wide range of serious problems, which includes cancer.
Drinking mulberry leaf tea has also been proven to deal with type 2 diabetes that is triggered by inordinately high levels of glucose (blood sugar). This is due to the remarkably high content of gallic acid that is found in the leaves of the mulberry tree, which is known to significantly lower glucose levels in the bloodstream. Further, these leaves also possess a naturally occurring compound called I-deoxnojimycine that also has especially excellent anti-diabetic properties.

The mulberry leaf also possesses exceptional anti-inflammatory attributes. For centuries on end, this leaf has been utilized to cure the kind of inflammation that is triggered by chronic ailments. It carries out this invaluable function by blocking inflammatory agents that are found in the body. This ultimately effectually influences the body’s inflammatory response, and prevents inflammation. Drinking tea made of mulberry leaves has also been linked with substantially reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. Well, as you can see mulberry leaf tea is undeniably one of the most health-promoting beverage currently in existence.

This now brings us to the question you may probably be asking yourself at this point: how to make tea from fresh mulberry leaf in the best way. Well, you need not fret, making this kind of tea is remarkably an extremely easy process.

  • First you will have harvest only mature and disease free mulberry leaves.
  • Next you should wash the leaves you have gathered under clean running water to get rid of any dirt or impurities you may have overlooked.
  • After doing this get some of the leaves and cut them into even strips, ideally three centimeters wide.
  • You should then boil some water on a suitable pan. When the water has boiled for a while, immerse the fresh mulberry leaves into it, and let the simmer for at least five minutes.
  • By this time the water should have taken a light green color, and the leaves themselves turned to a brown hue. The tea is now ready. You can proceed to filter out the leaves, and you are ready to go!